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Nelson Mandela Hospitalized..


Former South African president Nelson Mandela was hospitalized last night in Johannesburg for a battling lung infection. Over the past year Mandela has been in and out of care because of both lung and gallstone problems back in December.

Nelson Mandela, 94, is an influential leader in the world who took on presidency after the apartheid era in South Africa.

World leaders are asking everyone to pray for Mandela’s healing while he going through these tough times.


Education with a twist, a collectivistic approach to learning. Is this style very effective? Tell me what you think!

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If high school students took charge of their education with limited supervision, would they learn? A Massachusetts school is finding out.

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CAR’s Overthrown President?

Central African Republic’s president, Francois Bozize, has been attacked and forced by the country’s rebels to leave his presidency behind after ruling the country for the past ten years. It has been said that the treaty of peace that Bozize signed included a segment stating that he will continue to be the president until 2016, which is the general cause of this rebellion.


The news are making this case out to be a innocent president being attacked by aggressive rebels, when in all actuality the president promised the people certain specifics if he were to be in office and because he did not fulfill his duty as a president to help the people out. Of course their were rebel groups in this country, but after Bozize decided to ignore the people’s wishes, more citizens joined these rebel groups and kicked him to the curve.


Former President Francois was last seen in Cameroon after he fled Central African Republic the day of the riot.


If only rebellion and overthrowing government was acceptable in the United States when politicians promise certain things to its people…..

Kayamandi Fire: What’s next?

Over the weekend, a small township in the Western Cape of South Africa, Kayamandi, was burned down by a small stove that was left on in a house and ended up spreading across the town. An entire township burned down, thousands of people are left homeless, two dead, and a lot of unanswered questions. 


Although situations happen ever so often in townships, this current event hit so close to home because I stayed really close to this township during my 6-month stay in South Africa, while visiting a few people that i knew in that village. I can’t possibly imagine going back and not seeing the village the same way i left it, let alone the thousands of people who don’t have any homes there as well.

DSCN0358Stellenbosch is known to be one of the richest towns in the Western Cape that used some of the people who lived in Kayamandi to do temporary work in that area. Because these two towns are so near to each other, you would expect Stellenbosch to openly give a helping hand to the burned down community, right? WRONG.

The day after the fire, a statement was released from the council members of Stellenbosch reporting what specifically happened, but there was nothing that the Stellenbosch fire department can do, considering the fact that Kayamandi was “too hazardous” for their trucks to help put out the fire. Meanwhile, the residents of these homes were  putting out the fire themselves with towels and scarce amounts of water.

Considering the fact that this community is the backbone to the one of the richest communities in that province, why does the council of Stellenbosch thinks it is okay to turn their backs on Kayamandi?

Of course their are small groups and organization working towards rebuilding this community, BUT WHERE IS STELLENBOSCH?

If this doesn’t seem like the American government’s reaction to New Orleans during the catastrophic hurricane, then I don’t know what does.  We’ve got to do better.

America: We get it, Why don’t you?


The latest national buzz about North Korea and their planned attack to pierce a whole in Ohio with their nuclear weapons should be an IMMEDIATE time for America to check thereselves before we,literally, all die. The fact that an entire country rounded up rage and time to have the American government tip-toeing on North Korea’s marble floors should be a sign for possible reconstruction of the Western countries powers.


Think about it this way: Imagine someone coming into your house, taking your guest bedroom and begin to make house rules and give orders, WITHOUT PAYING RENT. How long does it take for one to get mad at external orders?

Granted, America is VERY resourceful but taking advantage of one’s power is getting old. CLEARLY, someone wants their house back.

How much is too much? Should it take North Korea’s death threat to make the American government realize that they overstepped their boundaries in other people’s territory?

For years, the United States has been doing shady things in order to keep their label of “top dog” clear and precise. Between their heavy influence in some colonization of African countries, having military bases in majority of the countries in the world, to secret invasions that was ran through in Central America, the United States has more blood on their hands than a surgeon. Political vendettas and negotiations are pretty normal when dealing with international relations, but when innocent families and deaths are involved, people get mad and do things like make terrorist groups (Al-Qeda) and ummmm idk plan attacks on America?!?!?!?! (does September 11th make sense now?)

All I’m saying is, don’t expect someone to hit you back after you continuously beat them up. Eventually, countries will like to reclaim their throne and have some tyoe if power over their government and its people.