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Sacrifice Until Infinity to Succeed (S.U.I.T.S.) PRESENTS “Food For Thought”!

Calling all event lovers in the tri-state area! Our friends from SUITS are throwing an AWESOME charity event in New Brunswick, NJ on Saturday, November 29, 2014. Prepare to give, receive and taste at this event will they will have awesome food orgs allowing folks to sample some good eats! AfroMadu will be there, and show should you! You don’t want to miss this!!!!

SUITS event

Sacrifice Until Infinity to Succeed (S.U.I.T.S.) PRESENTS “Food For Thought” A Night of Musical Performances x Poetry with a open mic segment. … R&B Duo Dose (@DOSE_2) will Be Performing also Philadelphia Singer Justin Graham …. (@JustinG_Music) …. Poetry by Lucy And Joel 
And A Food tasting featuring Specialty Food Brands Urban Foodie catering llc, Euphoria in a jar and S.U.I.T.S official Caterers Delish …
This event is to raise money, toiletries Clothes and Food for our #FoodForThought intiative Come out and support our artist
Located at Alfa Art Gallery 108 Church st. New Brunswick NJ
15$ Cover
Doors open at 7pm event starts at 8pm 

Let Us L.I.V.E. (Learn, Inform, Vote & Empower)

As young people we can find a million reasons to avoid getting into politics. However we fail to realize how everything we do involves some form of politics. Therefore we need to get involved on some level, major or minor, to have a say in what we want in our country, state, and town. Hence us putting together Let Us L.I.V.E. We held our event at two phenomonial universities, Rowan University and Seton Hall University. 




In order for us to put on the program, AfroMadu had to do their homework. We reached out to every candidate (democrat, republican and independent) who was running for governor, senator, and within the legislative district of the university’s location. We had to learn their platforms to be able to display the information at the event. This way students were able to learn about every candidate even if the candidate was not able to attend. 


Once we learned who was running it was time to inform. 





Local candidates and gubernatorial candidates came out to speak to students on their platforms, what they have done in the community and what they plan to do in the future. Not only did the candidates let us know about what they have/plan to do but they informed us about different aspects of American History and what is currently going in New Jersey politics. Students came into the program for one reason (to support a friend or the organization hosting the event) and left with knowledge and a appreciation for the program. 





Our goal for the event was to create educated voters. We succeeded. Everyone who attended, for five minutes or the entire duration, learned about every politician running for office. We hope every individual will use the information they received and make the best choice to suite them on Nov. 5th. 





Knowledge is power. Power always needs to be handed down. Therefore, we hope everyone who attended the event will share the knowledge bestowed upon them to a friend, family member, and colleague. We want students to know they have a voice because they are the future of tomorrow. 




Special Thanks: 

Senate President – Senator Sweeney 

Assemblywoman Riley 

Assemblywoman Jasey

Niki Trunk

Freeholder Wallace 

Diane Sare 

William Araujo 

Steven Welzer

Rowan’s Black Cultural League 

Rowan’s NAACP

Rowan’s Student Government Association

Seton Hall’s Black Student Union 

Seton Hall’s African Student Association 

Delta Zeta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 

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Hip Hop is a large piece of African American culture. In a time where drugs and poverty were ruining the black family, hip hop was a way for young blacks to let out their frustrations in a positive manner. Hip Hop saved a lot of lives by young Men and Women choosing to put down a gun and picking up a mic.

The AfroMadu team was blessed with opportunity to be apart of an amazing experience. We were able to witness how Hip-Hop has evolved, and see first hand how, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We were serenaded by songstresses and enlightened by MCs. As a Hip Hop enthusiast I was shocked and relieved that there was still so much talent playing in front of my eyes.


The event, The Supreme Blackout, which took place at Nicholas in Brooklyn, was truly a gracious experience. In addition to amazing music there were also massages, assorted hand crafted jewelry, and organic libations. Nicholas’ themselves, are a cool shop full of clothing, incense, and a lot of Afro-Parafinalia.


The vibe was so smooth, you could spread it with a butter knife. Our hosts for the evening were the Bi-Lingual, Duo, Negros Americanos, hailing from the hometown of AfroMadu’s founder, Plainfield, NJ. MC Elijah Black and DeShawn Supreme were the first two performers and each brought that raw Hip Hop deep rooted in personal experience.

image-12Dread Blaq is a dope songstress who rapped a little, sang a little and finished up by playing Nat King Cole on a Violin……A VIOLIN!!!! Blak Orfan are a girl duo who have that old school swagger, reminiscent of Queen Latifah and other Old School FemCees.


Danielle Watson came heavy with that reggae vibe that just made you want to better yourself and those around you. Her cohort played harmony on guitar and had a smooth West Indian voice, that complimented Danielle in a way that you just had to close your eyes and bop to them. The show closed out with our host taking over the stage and performing songs in both English and Spanish which was incredible! Even though I do not speak a lick of Spanish the beats backing them was enough for me to musically not skip a beat.


I left the event feeling as if I just left a church service! Feeling revived and ready for the next event just like this one! If any of our future events are half as good as this one, you do not want to miss it!!


Rowan University: Let Us L.I.V.E!

Citizens of New Jersey: a VERY important election is coming up. How can your vote impact the decision? MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!

AfroMadu is doing a few college events throughout New Jersey to empower voters of the candidates and their platforms. Our first stop: ROWAN UNIVERSITY! College students or general citizens in that area, come out and get empowered!



See you soon!

S.U.I.T.S Art Battle!

Art has a history to tell stories and express emotions. A picture can tell a thousand words, while it represents the feelings and passion of the artist.


1A few Fridays ago, AfroMadu had the opportunity to attend the Art Battle hosted by S.U.I.T.S ( Sacrifice Until Infinity To Success) where they showcased 4 artist who battled to win the title of the best artist in the tri-state area. These artist included Keath Gerald from Plainifield, NJ, Amair Cline from Harlem, NY, JW from SWEET TOOTH SPECIAL TEES, and Jarmaz from JLW. These artist were all supplied with a canvas and a choice of  paints to create their artwork. Throughout the night, artist mingled and painted their visions while spectators enjoyed the scene with an upbeat DJ, light refreshments and dope people in a super chill environment.

Keath Gerald, A Plainfield native, featured his phenomenal Black Panther piece in the battle. In the upsetting times of the verdict of Trayvon Martin, Keath used the memorable Black Panther Party as the back drop to his vision. In a interview with Keath, his inspiration for his art was his pass heart condition which forced him to stay in the house and unlock his true talent. Since the recovery from the peak of his heart condition, Keath has channeled his newfound energy into painting and now selling his paintings on his very own website. “No one can take your happiness that God gives you.”, Keath told us as the one quote he lives from daily.



To Contact Keath:

Twitter: @KeathEdwards

Instagram: @Keathedwards

6810a1b0f5710130c4802efedc56faac.largeAmair Cline, Harlem born artist, illustrated an amazing, in-depth, portrait of his vision for life. In an interview with Amair, we discussed the issue of people looking at the bigger picture. “Art is everywhere”, he began saying as he further explained his reason for art. Being diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Amair coped with his mental disorder by understanding expression, perspective, and life overall. His painting even featured a very distinguished from of the word “EARTH”, having “art” infused into “EARTH”. “Progress, nothing less”.

7b2fa8c0f5710130adc6664f78e78509.large To Contact with Amair:

Twitter: @AmairCline

Instagram: @visualgallerynyc

Jarmaz, the founder of the JLW collection, has found himself becoming artistic in all different aspects of life. Along with being1-1 a painter, Jarmaz is also a designer for his brand, and an interior designer on the side. AMAZING! Although we did not get to personally speak to Jarmaz during the battle, his performance was definitely one to experience. His first portrait was a painting of a beautiful Black women standing at the top of his bottom mural, but was then transformed into a bright yellow sunflower in a downward position. “Love Me, Love Me; I’m Still Alive”


To Contact Jarmaz:

Twitter and Instagram: @JLWcollection


JW. Hufnagle, a designer in the Sweet Tooth Special Tees company AND the winner of this art battle (YAYYYYYY!) honestly told AfroMadu that he did not know exactly what his painting was about.  He followed up by discussing the fact that art usually comes from a “secret place” in your mind where you do not know where it comes from, but you feed it by drawing *snaps twice*. His infamous sheep that is always included in his drawing is always described as damaged on the inside but fine on the out. This showed that “Nothing is what it seems” and “Wolves don’t sleep over the opinions of sheep”.

Congratulations to Mr. Hufnagle himself as the winner of S.U.I.T.S art battle! 


To Contact JW Hufnagle:

Twitter and Instagram: @whoishufnagle

1-2Beside these awesome artist, SUITS managed to keep the audience captured and hooked with performances by Moruf, Tajiana Spann, and Tyla; a networking segment, wine and cheese, and an AWESOME DJ rocking the 1’s and 2’s.


AfroMadu grades this event an A+! We loved EVERYTHING! We would also like to thank the divine men of SUITS for having us!


SUITS Contact:

@_SUITS: check them out for upcoming events!