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What’s Love Got to do With It?

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8


As young people we are very easily influenced by the environment around us, which is not always a bad thing but we need to realized that every example is not to be duplicated. This is especially true when it comes to matters of the heart.

Ever since I was little, I loved, love. I loved how there was no limit to it. I could run out of food, water, friends and family but two thing I would always have was air in my lungs and love in my heart. So I take it personally when people misuse the term to justify, irrational actions.

It is not only our Queens suffering from this, but it is very prominent. Ladies you must set a line that once crossed you put your feeling to the side in exchange for your happiness. Happiness is the most important thing to society and it is ALWAYS worth fighting for. Know that you are a Queen and deserve to be treated as such. There a roughly about 3 Billion men on this planet, statically for you to stay with an “Aint-Shit” guy is madness.


But only you know your limits. I have seen many women wait too long and others wait until its too late. I pray for the eradication of the latter.

Love does not make someone stay in an unhealthy relationship, fears does. And God has not put fear in us, Man has done that. Notice I said Man and not Males, theres a difference.

I love my house to death but if it were to catch fire I would leave it in ahot second! Some of you need to get out of your burning houses.

Easiest way to know if your relationship is healthy is communication, if he/she if telling you they dont want you BELIEVE THEM! You deserve the best and dont settle for anything less!

You wouldnt trade a diamond for a stone, so why would you give your heart to someone so undeserving?

As Always; I love you, God loves you, Love yourself,

Man of Madu


Yeah, “The System” is Meant To Keep Us Down, Now What?

This is a nation of people who find comfort in blaming others for their discomfort. In a sense, we have become comfortable in our discomfort; a culture of poverty has formed. Instead of making steps to improve ourselves and our future generations, we often settle and just decide that we have no chance and it’s because “The Man” is the cause for it and there’s nothing we can do about it. To make matters worse, when someone tries to fight that belief and improve themselves they’re “acting white” or “fake”. We keep ourselves down and try to make sure we keep each other down with us.


What we need to do is work on getting further and further in life as people and as individuals! Never settle for discomfort, if you aren’t satisfied with your current situation or if someone you influence isn’t satisfied than make steps to change. Help yourself, help your people. If you want to live a better life educate yourself and create a better life however you choose to do so. Write music, create music, read books, write a book, do whatever you love doing and do whatever your heart desires. We need to make sure that we are also able to survive in this world by being educated on how it works and how to work through it. Expand your vocabulary, dig into new things, find new interests, become a jack of all trades. The system will keep you down as long as you are not educated enough to raise yourself. There are many outlets in this age, we have way more than our predecessors. Let’s succeed, no one can keep us down, and no one can hold you back.

A quick way to educate yourselves that is right here is our AFROMADU BOOK CLUB! Check it out and join us! Reading will always be fundamental.

Mayhem in the IRS Office.

The recent news of the framing that the IRS has been doing to conservatives groups in Cincinnati has gone viral throughout the media and even the White House. President Obama put out a speech a couple days ago calling this publicly-known corruption ” Not tolerable” and is willing to take any type of action to get to the bottom of this situation. Yesterday, the president of the IRS resigned and he investigation is continuing.


Well geez, corruption in the government? This can’t be happening! I mean, has society really got so ignorant to the issues that we have forgotten that the government and their independent agencies can possibly find ways to target and punish people based on their political beliefs?

The IRS might get a slap on the wrist for profiling, and these conservative groups might get reparations for the harsh discrimination against them, but please be mindful that this independent agency, along with the government has the power to do anything! And I mean anything.

When A Man Loves A Woman

So I spent Mother’s Day at a nursing home where my grandmother is staying. So as I sit with my Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt, enjoying some fried chicken, I raise the question, “Why have Black Women, given up on Black Men”? My Grandmother was the first to respond, her answer was quick and direct, “Because, they got tired”.
Now lets go back, way back. Back to the times of slavery where there was no such thing as a Black Family in America. During slavery if two Blacks were under suspicion of being married, one was immediately sold, and if one was bold enough to start a family, then the entire family was sold, children and all. So needless to say a Black Family was coveted for some time. Then during times of segregation Black Families thrived, since there was no other options for Blacks but to procreate with other Blacks. But from the stories I have been hearing, it seemed that once interracial relationships became more socially acceptable, Black Men tended to migrate toward this uncharted territory.
How often do we see athletes make it in whatever sport and marry a woman of color? I feel as if Women of different races are often seen as a symbol of “We made it” to Black Men. They feel as if once you reach a certain point you outgrow a Black Woman. My question is where would we be if our Fathers or Grandfathers “outgrew” our mothers and grandmothers?
Having been raised by two very strong Black Women, I have always put Black Women on a pedestal. I have been attracted to all ethnicities but it was always something about a Black Woman that always made me grin a little wider and sweat a little more.
When I picture my future wife , I picture a Women of African descent of which we can both pass this strong lineage onto our children. But as they say, every thing aint for everybody.
Now I want to discuss the treatment of Women in general. Men, we have to do better! As a Man you are only as good as your word, any businessman will tell you the same. So why do so many of us lie to these Women? At some point you have to take responsibility for yourself in order to have a healthy relationship. If you are not ready for a relationship, DO NOT ENTER one. You are wounding these Women and making it harder for her to find someone worth her time and energy. I find it funny that many Men try so hard to attain as many Women as possible, when the only people who are impressed by your body count are other Men. Something is not right. There will come a time where you will want a warm body to hold at night but you spent so much time avoiding relationships, that you do not know how to thrive in one. And I have heard it from the horse’s mouth that once a Woman reaches a certain age she does not want a project, she wants a Prince, and who can blame her. Its crazy how some of yall have watched the tears pour down the faces of Women in your lives becuase off no good Men, yet you perpetuate the cycle, is that the homage you pay to those who create life?
In Conclusion honesty will always be the best policy, Women are not objects so there is no need for games. In order to grow up you have to think grown. Man up and start treating these Women like you want your, Mother, Sister and Daughter treated. When a King has a strong Queen, the empire shall thrive.
As always, I love you, God loves you, Love Yourself,
Man of Madu

The Rise of Black Intellects

Through struggle, you build character. Not only do you build character but you end up finding others that are in the same struggle that can help get you through…

Becoming older and being more conscious about the world around me, I am starting to realize the amount of people, preferably young adults, that are on the same path of consciousness that I am. Along with the positivity, I begin to look at the negative, RATCHET, inappropriateness that is leading the Black community in its downfall beginning with our youth.

Not only are people beginning to take a stand and ignore things like TV shows that exploit African Americans, or the framing and shaping of the stereotypical Black person, but we are teaching and and talking about the REAL issues… and whats REALLY going on.


Granted, we are not as radical as our great leaders in the 60’s, but i must argue that we are getting there. 

The rise of Black intellects will be the revolution. Not only will folks become conscious and informed about issues, but sharing knowledge and building leaders will be a trend.

We are getting closer to our liberation, I feel it coming.


Becoming Smarta in Sparta.

images-36My Brothers, as Men we are taught to be Warriors, Providers,Conquers and to Sacrifice. But when have we been taught to maintain our temple? We have been taught to hit the gym and make sure our outside are at their prime. But when have we been taught to keep our inner sanctuary as clean its stone exterior? For me, Never. I was taught like many of you that if anything happened, to “Walk It Off” or “You’ll Be Alright”. I recall spraining a finger playing football, and continuing playing with the opposite hand and breaking my ankle and having to walk without aid, up a giant flight of steps and then to the nurses office. But the time for that is over. Ill be alright is no longer an acceptable answer to many of the quarrels that happen within our bodies. We have no choice but to start taking care of ourselves, and sorry to break the news to you but Gram Grams gumbo will not fight Cancer by any means.
Black men lead American cases as the most diagnosed and most Cancer related deaths. This is unacceptable! We must do better if not for us. For our future Queens as well as future princes and princesses. This fallacy of the indestructible black man has to stop! Not now, but RIGHT NOW!
Here is a little story from my life, my dad is a Pastor of his own church as well as works a full time job, so needless to say he is pretty busy. One thing about my dad is he always visited the doctors office regularly. So flashback about nine months ago he goes to doctor for a routine check up, and he is referred to a specialist. Eh no big deal. So time goes by, the appointment for the specialist is never made, life goes on. Now fast forward to early March, dizzy spells set in, fatigue, but you know he is a very active 54 year old man so that does not come without it side affects. So he goes to the doctor and is immediately reserved a spot in a hospital because he has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. Boom. Just like that. Whole world changed. Now he was fortunate enough that they found a match for a blood marrow transplant is a local hospital, which for men of color is not always an easy task.
So back to my original point MEN we can no longer afford, to let our Pride stop us from seeking help. The price has gotten to high. We can no longer afford to say ‘Ill be alright. images-37We can no longer afford, self-diagnosis. Why? Because WE can no longer afford to lose our black men. With every life battle loss, we lose a preacher, a teacher, a father, a mentor, a brother, a husband. If we are to be soldiers, then we must take every precaution to stay on this earth as long as we can. If you have insurance, USE IT. I know some of us dont, but then it is your responsibility to find free clinics to make sure your fire is not extinguished before it can heat the heart of another.
My Brothers, WE must love ourselves how God has love us in order to reach each and every personal mountaintop that we may have.

Chasing the Tweet: How Social Media Dehumanizes Tragedy

The information on tragedies that plummet the world, whether man made or natural disasters is becoming more easily accessible. The recent bombing at the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts early in the afternoon on Monday April 15th shook the nation. A friend of mine said it happened during his 2:00 pm class and there were 6 variations of suspects and victims by 4 pm. I am grateful for information that is readily available but social networks are surely making prominent appearance in crisis both local and global. Twitter caused multiple trusted sources including Fox News and CNN to make retractions because of all the false news claiming to be useful sources.


Our adolescent communities (ages 14-20) have found a way to make profit from the tragedies. Not monetary profit but fame and recognition. They use photos of fake victims and make up false eye witness accounts just to say “That was me; I said that first”. A recent trend has been using pictures and retweets to gain popularity on Twitter. An image of an eight year old girl said to have been running for Sandy Hook victims was killed. Or maybe it was a boy? Or maybe they weren’t killed but a limb was amputated. This is the type of untrue accounts floating around on the web. My Twitter night timeline was filled was #PrayForBoston, #BostonMarathon, and #Boston, by the same people that couldn’t lift a finger to help raise money or awareness for local deaths in the community including the passing to two Rowan Students in the same weekend at separate events.

images-34Social media had become so polluted I don’t know what to believe anymore. Every wants to be a journalist but what one needs to know is that journalist are trained for this and they do it for the love of information. People are using mainstream tragedies to get there tweets up and I am sick of it. Furthermore, when a person shows genuine interest people want to call them “preachers” and assume that their concern is short lived. If I want to tweet about social inequality before after or during a tragedy, public announcement, or swearing in of the Pope that’s just what I’m going to do. I may lose followers and friends in the process but there is nothing more important than free speech. So don’t just pray for Boston pray for the world.  

Ayanna Lyons


p.s. keep in mind this is very rough!