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New Release! Neurotic Society -Lauryn Hill

The wait is over! After over a decade Ms. Lauryn Hill makes a come back with her new release “Neurotic Society”. The untempo beat wasn’t something I expected after the acoustic flow of her MTV unplugged No. 2.0 album released in ’02. But, it’s the perfect compliment to her speed rap; not to mention her bars speaks volumes to the times we are living in. The name speaks for itself, she discusses the poisons of society and levels of toxicity we are living in. From politics to psychology, she puts it all into perspective. She’s still got it and I must say she slays injustice with the blade of her poetics.


Black Love, Through the Music Realm.

This video touches on soooo many sub issues that the Black relationship faces; Vulnerability, beauty, and humility just to name a few. Not only is this one of my favorite songs, but the concept of the video shows how much of a balance Black men and women need from each other.Click on the link below and tell us what you think!!


The Revolutionary Artist


The name is Lauren a.k.a Upendo.

The story of Revolution and Art goes a little something like this: Revolution fell in love with the way Art expressed herself and Art fell in love with Revolution represents itself. Revolution without art is like a tree without root or a lion without tooth. With this blog I will discuss the revolutionary potential of art today; mainly focusing on the movement of Hip Hop culture. This blog encourages free expression and embraces revolutionary inspiration. Take with you what resonates and leave the rest as HERstory.

“Hip Hop can be a very powerful weapon to help expand young people’s political and social consciousness. ” Assata Shakur