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8 Struggles Only a Natural Girl Would Understand.

This week me and my hair have been going through the STRUGGLE, so I narrowed it down to 8 struggles I know you would all understand:

  1. Shocking people with your new hairstyles EVERY week.shocking
  2. Product Junkie!!!product junkie
  3. People ALWAYS touching your hairhair touching
  4.  Trying a new hairstyle you saw on YouTube but it doesn’t come out rightyoutube gone wrong
  6. Wash day really being ALL DAYwash-day
  7. When you wake up and your twist are not dryTwist not dry
  8. When Bae wants to sleep over and you introduce him to the “Night time” you Bonnet


Atlanta: Whose fault is it?

With the recent snow storm that hit Georgia and Atlanta specifically, many were stranded in cars, schools, random road stop stores, and even outside. This may seem very strange to bloggers in the tri-state area where snow is very common at this time, but that strengthens the argument, here. Knowing that there were such terrible climate change occurring, whose fault was it to make sure that the residents of Georgia, and Atlanta in particularly, were well prepared and safe? Was this this fault of the people or the local and state officials? 


It is clear that society works off of influence. Whether it is the media or institutional influences, we as people act off of the news and information we receive. In saying this, being notified about a snowstorm approximately 21 hours prior to the first snowflake falling leaves NO one  time to prepare, especially if you dealing with people WHO NEVER PREPARED FOR A SNOW STORM BEFORE. For the government to not expect people to get in a shock or panic in what is going on, does help your leadership position in a state of, well, emergency. People were stranded at gas stations and rest stops for crying out loud!


And to now enforce state laws and rules, giving people parking tickets and leaving the homeless without shelter is blasphemous. News coverage is showing that streets aren’t properly shoveled and salted, but have workers place tickets on people’s cars?!?!?

The biggest problem here is the fact that the government hasn’t owned up to the fact that they screwed up. Issuing tickets and trying to continue functioning a society that has no idea what hit them is terrible and has very bad consequences. The people loose faith in their elected officials! 


Atlanta, AfroMadu prayed for you. But it is up to these local officials to have you back at peace with the storm that just hit. 

Dunkin’ Donuts “Charcoal Donut” Ad

Dunkin’ Donuts in Thailand is now adding a new donut to the menu…. with a side of racism? FEAST your eyes on this ad… yup, its real.

Thailand Blackface Doughnut Ad

Dunkin’ Donuts, you have got to be kidding me. Whether this is in Thailand, South Samoa, the United States, or a secret island that no one has ever been, why would you think this is acceptable? The image of “Black Face” only puts racism 20+ years behind. Was there no other marketing scheme to advertise this new donut? How many people gave the “ok” for this to be pushed and publicized? I think I’m done here, what do you think?

Dear White People: Our Generation of “Black-Art House”

“A satire about being a black face in a white place.”

The producers of Dear White People, (Justin Simien, Lena Waithe, Ann Le and Angel Lopez) reestablish the essence of Black cinema that is found in movies like Do The Right Thing, Boyz N the Hood, and Cooley High.

I’m excited for this upcoming film to hit the box office. It’s definitely gets the point across and brings the thought provoking question of “post-racial” society and Black consciousness. Check it out. Leave a comment and check out Indiewire for more upcoming news.

Apartheid in Manhattan: The International Center for Photography’s “Rise and Fall of Apartheid”

Interesting article about Apartheid in South Africa. Check it out!

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

The International Center for Photography (ICP) is located in the heart of Manhattan, at the corner of West 43rd Street and the Avenue of the Americas. Nearby, Times Square’s mirages—brilliant expanses of neon fantasies, some spanning the length of several stories and the breadth of entire city blocks—summon passers-by with images of athletes, models, slick tans and racy footwear. There are some visible traces of “Africa”: West African men sell pashmina scarves, woollen hats, and gloves in street corner stalls, and Disney’s “The Lion King” rules Broadway—now in its fifteenth year running, the show has a stretch of window displays dedicated to re-instituting Africa as a place of masks, skins, and noble, half-human animals.

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Patience My Natural Hair Sister!

While on this natural hair journey, I realized that I must be able to embrace my natural hair at every stage and explore different looks and hair products. I believe that the first and most important tip when dealing with natural hair is having PATIENCE!

ahvhbMy hair and I have been at war since I became grown enough to think I could do it myself. I realized that walking away from perms was only the first step in being natural. Being natural has seriously become a journey for me. It has been a time that I realized things about myself just because I accepted my hair for its texture and the current length that it is.  You are able to love yourself more because once you accept your hair, you love your self a little more.

The first year of your natural journey should be time to learn more about yourself and how to handle your hair. You must use different products to know which one works for your hair because in doing so you will be able to create and maintain a consistent routine will help benefit healthy hair. I personally use YouTube as my number one resource when it comes to my natural hair. I view product reviews as well as different hair regimens.  While looking at these videos, I realized that I must ALWAYS remember NATURAL LONG HAIR IS NOT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS OVERNIGHT! Did you know that hair grows approximately ½ inch per month which could total up to six inches in one year?

Proper care such as protective styles such as up do’s, braids and sew in weaves, using essential oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, raw African shea butter, and my new favorite Jamaican Black Castor Oil and most importantly  takes PATIENCE and consistent diligent care, retaining length should be made a little easier. So remember when trying to grow your natural hair, it is about having the patience to promote hair growth and retain length.