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Ball, You Aint Never Lied!!

AfroMadu is using our voice to attempt to put an end to obesity in the youth as well as the African-American community. So I am going to try to preach on some Basketball Court Etiquette. With these steps you will not only be ballin but also make some good friends. Now I LOVE Basketball it is like poetry in motion to me, and I take it very seriously, as do those you will be playing with. A lot of these rules apply to any interactions with large groups so pay attention.


1. Bring Your Own Ball: If you go to a court there is a high possibility that there will already be a game in progress. Now is the time to silently plead your case for “Next”. While on the sidelines, dribble constantly, if you know some fancy stuff, show off! Now this is not a try out for an And 1 mixtape so leave all the ‘under the shirt wrap around’ nonsense at home. You look like a clown, this is serious. Personally I, just do some simple stationary crossover moves maybe a behind the back and leave it at that. Nothing is worse than trying to show off and having the ball roll into the middle of their game, you will be the wrong kind of attention.

In a business setting, you do not want to show up to a board meeting without your own pen and pad, but at the same time you do not want to show up with ALL of your gadgets because it makes you look like a douche.

2. Be Patient: The average game is played to the low teens, 11, 13, 15, but on occasion there is a game to 21 so be patient. My biggest pet peeve is someone asking me every basket what score is, while I’m trying to play D or set screens…etc. Also the rule of the ghetto is you have to win by 2, so keep that in mind while you are waiting. Make use of this time introduce yourself to everyone else waiting to hit the court because they are most likely apart of your community and who knows they might be your teammate in 10 minutes. If they are playing half court use the other half to warm up, jumpers, layups all that fun stuff.

In the real world you NEVER know who you are talking to so it is always imperative to show yourself in a positive light. At that internship anyone could be anyone. In an elevator you could be next to the window washer or the head of HR so you can not be shy.

3.Be Confident: Make it known that you got NEXT! Do not be overlooked as a spectator. You have to be sure of yourself! If they ask if you nice, you immediately answer in the affirmative. No one wants to play with someone who does not know whether or not they have talent.

If you were the Head of a company would you hire someone who was unsure of themselves, I wouldn’t.

4.No Your Limits: You have to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. I am 5’11, so I am not going to ask for no alley oops! Also Im a somewhat big guy, so if I get the ball in the open floor, Im not going to try and cross nobody, I will pass or pull up! Also I know I’m a defender so that what I try to display the most. You have to know where you shine, so that next time you hit the court, they tell you that you have next, you don’t have to ask!

Every interviewer will ask you your strengths and weaknesses, you have NO weaknesses! You rephrase your strengths to answer the question. If you are ambitious, then your weakness is you often push yourself to your limits in order to complete multiple assignments to a level that is above average.


Use these tips to get healthy and hired!!

As Always: I Love You, God Loves You, LOVE Yourself,

Man of Madu

March Madness!

March Madness is here and it wouldn’t be right if Afromadu didn’t talk about the exploitation of the college athlete….


For those who don’t know, “March Madness” is an annual basketball tournament that the NCAA league puts on to reward the best team in college basketball. While this tournament is televised and guy world stops a few weeks to watch these series of games, people all around the United States place bets and create “brackets” with reams that they believe have the potential to win the title. Sounds fun right? WRONG.

Because of the publicity that this event brings in, it also allows all of these college basketball teams to make millions of dollars off of seats for people to watch the game, paraphernalia that people buy to show off their favorite team, the grand bets that fans make throughout this event, and soo much more that one can’t possibly think of (idk, just wanted to be a bit dramatic).

Did i ever mention that these basketball players make no type of profit for the games that they play and the publicity that they get?  Isn’t this a bit like slavery?

Upon realizing that i wasn’t the only crazy one and that their were people who thought about this as well, i stumbled upon two interesting cases:

Unknown-5William C. Rhoden’s, Forty Million Dollar Slave book discussed the problems of the Black athlete and compared the processes of these basketball players to the logistics of slavery. Because these athletes feel that they are going to be POTENTIAL professional players, who will potentially have professional salaries, they work super hard in college -even it means playing for no type of economic gain- in order to get enough shine to go pro.

But how much is too much shine? Would you rather become abused and mistreated by the talents that you value and fall short while people are making millions of dollars and placing numerous bets on the talents that you worked so hard on?

This question raised a big predicament to a college basketball player who realized the sameimages-23 previous questions that I posed. Edward O’Bannon, a college athlete from UCLA realized the exploitation that he was receiving from the NCAA and filed a lawsuit against them after he saw that the corporation was still using his name and using him in a special edition version of a video game by NCAA. Edward O’Bannon felt like his college career was enough for them to make money by his athleticism, and that this new video game should not feature him without his consent.

In the end, the NCAA has the power to exploit these college athletes, mainly African Americans, simply because they have the power to do so. “March Madness” and its exploitation is, indeed, mad.