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Kwanzaa: Kuumba: Creativity.

Creativity has always been a big part of our culture, from the songs we sing to our recipes. On this day of Kwanzaa, Kuumba, we praise our creative spirt and encourage all of viewers to create. Creation is expression so feel free to express yourself in any way of your choosing. If you are happy, dance until everyone around you is happy as well. If you are angry paint a picture of your rage, just do not stop creating. People limit creativity to the arts but you can create anything! Are you passionate about children? Create a plan to start an After School Program. Are you a health nut? Create a workout plan for those parents that just cannot seem to find to the time. Also this is a great time to write out your prayers. When you need guidance or just want to say thank you, instead of just saying thank you, write and open letter to your deity, that way nothing will be forgotten and you will be filled with praise.

Creativity never goes out of style. Embrace it, make it apart of you. Once you have began to create your spirit shall forever  live on in your creations, even if  you are the only one who knows their creator. Challenged yourself to reach higher creative plateaus as I have challenged you to begin the creative process.

The Power of Now Becoming Powerless.

Here at AfroMadu we take pride in preaching and discussing “The Power Of Now”, but have the ideas of thinking for today became too much? Are people just simply thinking about now and not their near future?

Our society THRIVES off the idea of  being “on-the-go”, making everything and everyone so hip to moving in a fast pace. We eat on-the-go meals and fast foods, make time commitments where we rush everywhere, have road rage because traffic  is too slow for our liking, and overall make temporary decisions for our permanent plans.


“The Power of Now” is the simple reasoning of not worrying about the past or the future but for living and loving everything in the “now”. In our society it’s pretty hard to worry about how to live now and enjoy every momnet without worrying about what needs to be done in an hour or what you plan to do for your birthday next year.

Living in the now can also level your head to what’s important and beneficial to the process of self discovery. And besides, whats soo good living in the past when you have a present to worry about????

Although this seems like a blasphemous concept, there are extremes to the Power of Now. Allowing yourself to act in a uncontrollable manner because you are living in the now, is beyond extreme and detrimental to the rest of your life. Let me explain…

This new on-going trend of  “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), has people going bonkers. There have been many crimes committed and lives ended because living in the now went too far. 

But should life really draw down to that? When you finally feel like you are comfortable with being grounded and secure in the present that people must live a life of extreme partying and crime? Do we drear away from the now because of what can potentially happen?


This Fall season, don’t let YOUR Power of Now become wasted or miscued. Live the present life that you were always supposed to live. Be comfortable in  understand and accepting that NOW is really the only thing you can have. LIVE FOR NOW!