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Sacrifice Until Infinity to Succeed (S.U.I.T.S.) PRESENTS “Food For Thought”!

Calling all event lovers in the tri-state area! Our friends from SUITS are throwing an AWESOME charity event in New Brunswick, NJ on Saturday, November 29, 2014. Prepare to give, receive and taste at this event will they will have awesome food orgs allowing folks to sample some good eats! AfroMadu will be there, and show should you! You don’t want to miss this!!!!

SUITS event

Sacrifice Until Infinity to Succeed (S.U.I.T.S.) PRESENTS “Food For Thought” A Night of Musical Performances x Poetry with a open mic segment. … R&B Duo Dose (@DOSE_2) will Be Performing also Philadelphia Singer Justin Graham …. (@JustinG_Music) …. Poetry by Lucy And Joel 
And A Food tasting featuring Specialty Food Brands Urban Foodie catering llc, Euphoria in a jar and S.U.I.T.S official Caterers Delish …
This event is to raise money, toiletries Clothes and Food for our #FoodForThought intiative Come out and support our artist
Located at Alfa Art Gallery 108 Church st. New Brunswick NJ
15$ Cover
Doors open at 7pm event starts at 8pm 

Chapters 1-3: Realization

“Waiting for the world to be made.”


Hurston’s beginning chapters started off with Janine current issue of her husband dying, and the flashback of how her life used to be. Janine thought of her bearing love to be a pear tree when she was younger, having the tree bloom with fruitful spirits and plenty of shade to secure her love and trust in a man. Her tree was then rot when she was forced to marry a man that she couldn’t find love in her heart to accept. Janine, still pitying herself for marrying a complete stranger because of the command of her Nanny wanted to love so much but couldn’t.

“You know honey, us colored folks is branches without roots and that makes things come round in queer ways.”

It is clear here that for centuries, Black women have been dealing with force and the baggage of doing things for others. In order for Janine to be on good terms with Nanny, the lady that practically raised her, she had to marry a man that she barely knew. Janine is still looking for her Pear tree love, that burning passion that she has for love, so bad until she is forcing herself to love a man that she doesn’t want to love.

How do you feel about the baggage and force that Janine has to deal with in these first chapters?