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Child Soldiers Detained in Mali.



Mali: A few months back we informed our readers on the War in Mali to fight against terrorism. Recently human rights organizations believe children are being recruited as soldiers. Some children have told Amnesty International Researchers they were promised to get paid by the MUJAO (the Movement for Oneness and Jihad) in West Africa. If the children are not being used as soldiers then they are being illegally detained alongside adults.


Amnesty International interviewed nine detained children, ages 13-17, who gave details of their arrest in northern Mali towns by joint Mali and French forces. To make matters worse, some of the children have reported being tortured. “One of the kids told me that he was threatened. Another told me that he was strangled. And another told me that he was suspended to the ceiling, and they threatened him with electric shocks. And also they threatened him with death.”


credit: allafrica.com

War on Mali: Update

In January, Mali declared war on terrorist groups in the country to protect citizens and end terrorist attacks on the government and surrounding countries.


Since January, Mali was not only unsuccessful by settling these terrorist groups, but received an abundance of help from militaries of surrounding countries and overseas, including the UN forces and France.

France has currently decided to take matters into their own hands and settle the overdue beef between the Azawad (Malian rebel groups) and the Malian government. Not only did the French complete 70% of their set objectives for the country with the help of Chadian government, but predicted that the Malian war would come to an end soon.

Pray for the Malian people folks. It will be over soon.