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As requested, AfroMadu has a segment specifically for natural hair. Here is the open forum to comment, discuss, and inquire about natural hair, its politics, how to manage it, and seeing people overall everyday maintenance with natural hair. Please feel free to comment and share things you would like to add to this segment at afromadu@gmail.com. 

Meet the Editor!



About a year ago, I decided to cut off my hair to see how it would complement my facial features. While making my decision, I struggled with how I would take care of it. Too many times I heard conversations of women with natural hair talk about how they use shampoo, conditioner, leave –in conditioner, cream to elongate their curls, dry their hair, then finally, use moisturizer spray to hold the curls just to have a “natural” hairstyle. So I decided, that because of this trend of using numerous amounts of products that I would do the least possible treatment to my hair.




I believe the beauty in going natural is to embrace how one’s hair transforms into its most natural state without the interference of too many products. So I plan to explore all of the “Natural” hair care products/concoctions to see which ones actually compliment one’s natural state or interferes with it. I want to see if my hair can be as healthy and beautiful before I cut it. I am also interested in learning about the products and stories of others as well. Let this journey begin.


– B.R.A.T. ( Black, Radical and Thorough)


Spring Allergies: Going Natural with the Remedies..

Spring is quickly approaching and before you go to your local drug store and stock up on antihistamines and eye drops, believe it or not, their are natural everyday products that people can use to soothe their allergy symptoms, just like Benadryl or a daily dose of Zyrtec can.


To begin, allergies are a simple sign of how low our immune system can be during this transitional time. Because of the seasonal weather and things like grass and trees are beginning to grow back, it triggers different responses of the body causing us to have itchy eyes, runny noses, allergic reactions and other symptoms to these spring allergies.

images-281. Vitamin C: simple dosages of Vitamin C everyday can be the extra boost that your immune system needs to get a little more stronger for the season. Getting Vitamin C pills can go a long way, as well as fruits and juices that are rich in Vitamin C.

2. Acidophilus: Crazy word? I know. Believe it or not, Acidophilus is another great immune booster that can not only give your defense system a great stimulus for the season, but it is also a probiotic that gives your body good bacteria to fight bad bacteria. There are acidophilus tablets that are over the counter, or dairy products like milk and yogurt  that can be consumed regularly.images-29



3. Onions and Garlic: Onions and garlic contain Quercetin which is a natural antihistamine that gives almost the same dosage of antihistamine that a couple allergy pills can give you. Not only is Quercetin available in drug stores as well, steaming onions and garlic can be a great (but stinky) aroma therapy treatment for your allergies.

4. Bee Pollen and Honey:

Pollen is the main reasons why people get this allergy symptoms, but bee pollen pills and honey is the equivalent to getting a flu shot and injecting the flu virus in the system. Beating allergies with allergies. Get it?


These are some natural foods and vitamins that you can easily take to avoid the everyday Zyrtec and Claritin pills in your system. If this is not enough there are basic treatments that you can do throughout the day to ease your seasonal allergies….

– Cool Mist humidifiers

– Steam inhalation

–  air purifiers

– acupuncture



Hope these natural remedies may find you well. Know about anymore? Let us know!

Going Natural…With Lip products.

The recent “National Hair movement” has sparked a wave of people to seek other ways to live a natural life. When i was asked about the lip products that i regularly used, a conversation with a person who has “natural lips” interest me to start researching the idea of natural lips..


For those who use the most popular lip protectant, Blistex, can be quite intrigued with the information that I’ve found out. Blistex has a chemical ingredient that soaks up the natural moisture in your lips, making them become more dry and having the consumer (YOU)  apply more Blistex and buy more of their products. I can admit that Blistex was my guilty pleasure and it might be yours but there’s other options to keep your lip moisturized. I promise.


ImageThe late and great natural product, BEESWAX, is a great way to protect your lips and keep them moisturized and healthy. Beeswax also has great UV protection from the sun and has a GREAT smell that is appropriate to apply to your lips. Unlike Blistex, you begin to apply less beeswax because its restoring the moisture in your lips, meaning you spend less $$$!


Other organic products are available like the EOS egg that recently came on the market (and which i personally use) to begin my natural lip journey. Like any other transitioning method, it takes time and great patience to continue using these organic products to start seeing change. And its actually A LOT easier to just run back to the product that you have been always using. BUT HOLD ON, AND KEEP STRONG! I promise it has its benefits 🙂