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Cleveland Kidnapper Dies in Prison

Ariel Castro, the heartless kidnapper who held 3 women captive for almost a decade, was pronounced dead at a University Hospital after hanging himself in his prison cell.


*Ariel Castro was also sentenced to be watched and checked every 30 minutes in his prison cell to prevent things like suicide from happening. Something to think about…..*

Perhaps he couldn’t live with the fact that he exploited three innocent women for so long, taking away their sense of peace and security, their womanhood, and their lives for almost 10 years. Or maybe he knew that he couldn’t handle the pain that he oppressed the three women with. Whatever the case may be, I genuinely hope that these women can heal from the pain and suffering they endured during that tragic time. I hope they find peace and solace and continue on day to day with their newfound, independent lives. 

Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentenced 30 Months in Prison.

Breaking News today as Republican Jesse Jackson Jr. is sentenced to 30 months in jail because of misuse of over $750,000 of campaigning money used for personal items. Along with the 30 months in jail, Jackson has to also spend 36 months of supervised release, or probation after his sentencing.


Politicians who spend campaigning money on personal items are, in fact, doing wrong to the people who donated money along with the citizens that support them. If campaigning money is supposed to be allocated to the things needed in order to run an election, that is where it should go. Not in anyone’s pocket to do anything else with it. 

“You stand here not just because you violated the law, but because you violated the trust of the people of Chicago,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson told Jackson Jr.

“Your conduct stained not only your reputation,” the judge said, “but the way all elected officials are viewed.”

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/jesse-sandi-jackson-sentencing-219502231.html#ixzz2bxtsQNmD

If we keep this up and start sentencing all elected officials who wrongfully use campaign money, we wouldn’t have a government body. And too bad Judge Amy, the elected officials are already known for being selfish scam artist to their citizens. Great joke this afternoon America, let’s continue to make us laugh.