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Audre Lorde: Use of Anger; Sister Outsider.

Allow this excerpt to be the foundation of language that is presented in this post:



The stereotypical thought of Black women always being angry, as shown in the text, is not to scare or send people away, but an outlet from the sense of rage that we deal with on a daily basis. The intersectionality of both race and gender and realizing that while idea of White supremacy is dawning on people, the patriarchal views of men ESPECIALLY Black men can be a daunting factor to Black women. Lorde’s statement, “My anger has meant pain to me but it has also meant survival, and before I give it up I’m going to be sure that there is something at least as powerful to replace it on the road to clarity.”, shows how anger is a coping mechanism to the oppression that is faced.

As a Black women, this text was very relatable to my past experiences. Encountering racism on a daily basis and birthing rage from feeling oppressed only allows me to turn rage into anger and find ways to get through the dark tunnel of oppression.

Audre Lorde’s work, here, shows that it is ok to be mad or angry about the situations you are in. This anger, if used correctly, is consciously making choice to not lash out on the things that bother you. Lorde shows Black women that we are all in this together and are feelings are noticed and have meaning to it.  What do you think about the text? Let us know! 

Jay Z, Racial Profiling, Department Stores, Society.

This past weekend, the humming of the Barney’s incident is becoming a very huge thing. Two shoppers walked into Barney’s (a high-end department store) and was immediately asked a series of questions, along the interruption of cops coming into the mix. Besides the fact that these two people were in fact buying things with their own money and not looking suspicious at all, the employees along with the police began to question where the money came from and why they are in the store.


As if racial profiling is not as common as the sky being blue for Black America, the other variable in this dilemma is Rap Mogul’s Jay-Z and his economic ties with the department store. 

The Shawn Carter Foundation during the holidays, benefit from the revenue of this department store, as 10% of the proceeds is donated to send high school students in urban areas to college in a scholarship. Because the charity’s founder is Jay Z, the question of whether or not he should pull his charity out of the department store is up for grabs.


Many believe that this racial disparity of profiling should not be tolerated, and the fact that Jay-Z still has ties with this corporation is disgusting. On the contrary, others feel that because Jay-Z HIMSELF is not making any money from the foundation and profiling exist on the daily, their shouldn’t be a big deal of whether not he should pull his line out….

Let’s really think about this. Are we going to keep allowing racial profiling to exist? If Jay-Z decides to keep his foundation in Barney’s, what message is that sending to the corporation? AND EVEN THE BLACK COMMUNITY? Are we going to continue to brush everything off that feeds this racial disparity? 

Jay-Z, you may be feeling pressured, but really think this through. 

Dunkin’ Donuts “Charcoal Donut” Ad

Dunkin’ Donuts in Thailand is now adding a new donut to the menu…. with a side of racism? FEAST your eyes on this ad… yup, its real.

Thailand Blackface Doughnut Ad

Dunkin’ Donuts, you have got to be kidding me. Whether this is in Thailand, South Samoa, the United States, or a secret island that no one has ever been, why would you think this is acceptable? The image of “Black Face” only puts racism 20+ years behind. Was there no other marketing scheme to advertise this new donut? How many people gave the “ok” for this to be pushed and publicized? I think I’m done here, what do you think?