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Mayhem in the IRS Office.

The recent news of the framing that the IRS has been doing to conservatives groups in Cincinnati has gone viral throughout the media and even the White House. President Obama put out a speech a couple days ago calling this publicly-known corruption ” Not tolerable” and is willing to take any type of action to get to the bottom of this situation. Yesterday, the president of the IRS resigned and he investigation is continuing.


Well geez, corruption in the government? This can’t be happening! I mean, has society really got so ignorant to the issues that we have forgotten that the government and their independent agencies can possibly find ways to target and punish people based on their political beliefs?

The IRS might get a slap on the wrist for profiling, and these conservative groups might get reparations for the harsh discrimination against them, but please be mindful that this independent agency, along with the government has the power to do anything! And I mean anything.

Talk about a Scandal!

Its been proven in many studies that standardized testing is not as effective as people think. Especially with our African-American children and poor education systems, African AMerican american children actually end up LOOSING more than their counterparts because of this testing system. Here is an article TIME released about Testing scandals!


One of the biggest ironies of the Atlanta public schools testing scandal — in which 35 educators have been indicted on racketeering, theft and corruption charges for artificially inflating students’ test results — is that the faked scores prevented some schools from accessing three quarters of a million dollars in federal money to support struggling learners because they no longer qualified for help. The impact on individual children was devastating. One mother quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution described her fruitless search for reading support for her 9-year-old daughter, who was performing at the bottom of her reading group. The child’s phony test score showed improvement, so now, in high school, she reads only at a fifth-grade level.

Superintendent Erroll B. Davis has called for mandatory ethics training for all staff and increased security measures, such as “locked safe rooms, tighter chains of custody and clearer test protocols to prevent improprieties and tampering.” Schools with…

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