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Back To School Natural Hair Styles (For ALL Ages)

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Hey my natural sisters! Yes, summer is almost over (or is over for some) and school is already in session. During school, we tend to neglect our hair for our work, which is totally understandable, so we highly recommend protective styles because it is less maintenance. In order to make your back to school preparations a bit easier I’ve listed some natural hairstyles ideas for naturalistas of ALL school levels.

Elementary Cutie Pies

elemanrty 2Around this age group, children tend to be more of a free spirit. These are “the good years” Elementary 1because there is less homework and more play. Between the playground and arts and crafts time, your children’s hands will be in everything and that includes their hair. Beads or any other accessory to her hair that she can play with (But not too much that can be a distraction to other students) can be very useful and protective for those everyday play dates. Braids or ponytails are always easy and fun, but below are something new that can spice up your daughters hair style choices.


Middle School Divas

While puberty and realization hits these small teens, middle school becomes a point where appearance and the beginning of their socail lives matter. They become little divas andelemantary 4 believe they know everything and can do everything on their own. They tend to ask for more of a “grown-up” look which means they want to look older then what they really are. I suggest box braids, twist-outs, or maybe a bun. Just avoid adding any type of heat to her hair and DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT put a perm in your child’s hair.



High School Sweethearts

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High is a time when not only are they STILL decoding their social life and appearance, but change and middle school 1growth is often very common. Trying new things certainly with their hair such as; color, weaves, blow outs, and many more. Their hair styles tend to reflect their personalities and how they are feeling. Along with set trends and following them, these high school sweethearts adore the idea of being popular and looking their best.


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College Naturalistas

college 2In college you should most definitely be very focused on your studies but do not neglect college 5that fro, ladies! In college you will some many other natural hair sisters that you can connect with. You will find new hairstyles through your new found natural hair community. I suggest high puffs, braids, Havana twist, quick weaves, and a variety of up-dos. All of these sweet years embracing your hair and protecting will be glorious. Taming that mane and protecting that fro was ALL worth it after all!


So have a safe and protected school season. Protecting your hair will give you more time to focus on studies and not new hairstyles everyday. Happy Back to school!

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A Student’s Survival Guide…

School is here to stay for another nine months, and although everyone has the “focused, get good grades” trend in the beginning of the school year, what can you really do to stay consistent throughout the semester?


Even us as college students struggle with balancing all of the things that we need to do (friends, family, work, extracurricular activities, AfroMadu, etc.) along with keeping of schoolwork up to par. Being consistent, in itself, is a super hard concept to tackle. But no worries, AfroMadu has some tips to keep you track this school year. 

1. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! the notion of literally looking at  the things you need to get done and understanding the importance of why it needs to get done, serves a great purpose in staying consistent with academic work. Investing in a thorough planner and writing down assignments, activities day and even long term and short term goals gives you a better understanding of what you need to do, along with mapping your days, weeks and months out effectively. 


2. TIME MANAGEMENT. Keeping track of all the things you do each day and making sure that the day is productive is EXTREMELY hard. But understanding that time is SUPER precious and procrastination will win the battle if time is not used correctly, can potentially kill your consistency goal and harm your school semester. Think of your typical school day: what activities and leisure hobbies are more time consuming than others? Are there any activities that can be shortened or monitored to get some extra study time or reading in? Reevaluating your time and closing the lazy gaps will strengthen your consistency! 


3. ASK FOR HELP! Although us students may feel that we can handle everything that life throws us, asking for help is not gonna cause us to melt. Finding strategies to partner up in studying and asking professors for better explanations on subject matters can lighten up our stress and even understand curriculum better. This only gives us a better foot in the door and keeps material significant in our mind. Asking for help from professors and professionals can also land you a great space  to share your future dreams and career goals with. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! 


4.  HAVE FUN! There’s no reason why you can’t have a good time and keep track of your studies! Making sure that you aren’t so sucked into academics and actually find time to hang out with friends, relax your brain, and spend time on those leisure activities that you love. That only makes school and work more enjoyable to complete. Have fun! 


5. STAY FIT AND HEALTHY! Maintaining a fit diet and healthy workout schedule is also vital to what you produce in the classroom. Little things like drinking water everyday, along with getting a good workout will benefit your academics. Studies have shown that students who are have a regular workout routine and healthy diet produce better grades in the classroom. Take advantage of working out now! 


Just a few tips to survive this school semester. Finding whats essentially right for your lifestyle can be conducive to obtaining a successful semester.  Good luck students! 

Peak of Reflection; Time of Execution.

As summer rolls down and the cool wind begins, fall will be here in no time. School will begin, work will get serious, and the ridiculous amount of time that was used to go to the beach and have fun in the sun will be gone. Then it hits, what can i do with that time during the new season?


Summer is always the beneficial point of reflection. Marking summer as the deadline to the completion of your goals, to then create new ones when next summer rolls around is always a great idea especially with so much free time on your hands.

Now that summer is ending and Fall is coming, what have planned to do with your time during the upcoming season? If you haven’t thought about this, now is the perfect time to. Want to start saving money? want to be fit? read/ write more? take a few classes? find a new job? All of these things are possible with the right game plan and effort. If you haven’t proclaimed your goals to execute them, who will?

It is important to understand that at any giving time, change is possible. So why not start today if you want to start changing? Here are a few tips to execute your goals:

1. WRITE THEM DOWN: the idea of writing your goals down can mentally assemble the energy and motivation to get them done. Start by getting a goal journal and write down everything that you want to accomplish. When you are finished with  the goal, cross it off. Challenge yourself to get all the goals done.

2. THE MORE THE MERRIER: Having a support system can always be a good way to stay on track. When you are feeling like there is no hope, your support system is there to motivate you. Want to get fit? Find a group of people that have the plans and workout together? Nothing is better than doing things in a group to get the job done.

3. REWARD YOURSELF: Making sure that you receive the proper praise for completing a task or getting something done is vital in goal planning. Looking forward to that special treat can be another motivator in the execution plan. After finishing up a resume, reward yourself by hanging out with friends to celebrate that accomplishment. Just stay away from rewarding yourself too much!

All these plans can be great to get started in this new season of execution. LET’S BEGIN!