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4 Behaviors to Not Tolerate

1.Supporting Hatred


Regardless of how bad someone has hurt you, we must never allow our heart to be built on hate. I know sometimes it’s very hard to do especially when someone has hurt you so bad and all you want to do is hurt them like they hurt you. Living a life that is hate free creates peace of mind and also become a happier person. As Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”



Sometimes we can’t control our environment but we do have full control of what we put out.  When I was younger, I used to get teased about being Liberian, I didn’t realize that the negativity of others was sabotaging how I viewed myself, my family and everyone around me. It wasn’t until I learned about my culture (I’m still learning)  I was able to have inner peace with myself and was able to stick up for myself. Sometimes negative words and actions are so poisonous that they start to invade our minds and our hearts.

3.Toxic friends


The closest people could be the most harmful. You could be friends with someone and because they have become so bitter, they start to attack your dignity and beliefs. Sometimes people become so bitter that they will crush your dreams and aspirations just so they can smile.  I had to let some people I thought were my friends because instead of taking control their lives, they blame everyone for every downfall.

4.Stressing over what could have been.


Sometimes we are so scared of change that we start to wander back to “that old thang.”  We become reluctant to go after something new because we’ve become accustomed to what we already have or had.  Stop tolerating your own actions! Instead thinking about the past worry and the now and how that’s going to lead you into the future.


William Ernest Henley said it best “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”  Remember that this is your life and you can’t allow negative thoughts and behaviors control it. Your dignity is sometime tested but you always have to remember to stay strong!


Quit Yawning!

Let’s just face it. There isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything we want to get done. Between, school, hours at work, time to spend with families, eating, and socializing with other humans in the world, we always fall short to the essential things that we need in order to survive, like sleep.


It has been said that an average person should be getting 7-8 hours of rest every night, but do we really live up to these hours?

When planning the events for the day, we often put certain priorities to the back burner because we believe that these plans have less significance than the others. Thinking that a couple hours of sleep can get someone through the day, or drinking caffeine and staying “active” can take the thought of going back to sleep away is NOT AN HEALTHY CHOICE.

Sleep is super detrimental to our health and because we are not aware of the benefits and importance of sleep, we often put this “priority” on the back burner. Feels like I’m talking directly to you? No worries, we are only here to inform.

Thinking about loosing weight, for starters, wouldn’t happen as soon as you think because your up and awake all the time. Because sleep allows your body to slow down your metabolism, the average hours of sleep helps your weight.

Anxiety and stress will continue to increase because sleep allows your mind to slow down and gain calm energy, rather than up and running.

Living a longer life, believe or not, is a great benefit of good sleep as well. Resting your body preserves your life span and you live longer!


So we know what it does now and how it contributes to our everyday life, so what can we do to fix this dilemma?

1. Treat yourself like a child. SET A BEDTIME. That way by knowing your time to go sleep will allow you to do everything in your day that must be done in order to go to sleep at an earlier time.

2. SET AN AGENDA. by not only creating a bedtime but by setting scheduled times to do your valued things in the daytime shows your progress throughout the day and gives you the tie to catch some ZZ’s.

3. And the last one that we should all worry about: STOP PLAYING AND GO TO SLEEP. The extra stuff that you shouldn’t be doing during the day should get cut, knowing that you need to get a good’s night rest.

So now that we know lets stop pulling these all nighters and worry about our lives 🙂