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For the past few days, Turkish residents have been filling their four biggest cities to riot and protest in anti-government demonstrations against the Turkish government. Many protestors have been violently abused and tortured by the Turkish police, but continue to grow in numbers day by day. This revolution WILL be televised, at least here at AfroMadu.

It all started at a park. A few demonstrators were standing up against a demolition for the construction of  shopping mall in that area when cops came into the park, sprayed tear gas and a water canon onto the PEACEFUL demonstrators and injured dozens.

This was not the problem.

Because the government and large corporations own the mainstream media in Turkey, news and radio channels FAILED to cover the stories of these innocent protestors.

Since when was it justifiable to injure people and forget about telling the public?


This ticked many Turkish residents off and began these riots and the perspective cities.

While protestors are protesting, police officers still continue to use these tear gasses, water cannon, and now police dogs during these demonstrations. The Turkish governemnt is considering this 3-day protest a threat to the country and believe that protestors should leave the streets or pay the consequences.

Stay Strong Turkey.


More updates to come, AfroMadu has you covered. In the meantime, how do you feel about the Turkey protest? let us know in the comments below!



Topless Activists Arrested




Tunisia – Three “FEMEN” activists, two French and one German, protested in front of a courtyard topless in the conservative Muslim country. The activists chanted “Free Amina” and wrote “breast feed revolution” over their topless bodies. Acts of indecency can be punished in Tunisia by at least six months.


The person behind “Free Amina” is Amina Sboui who was arrested on May 19th after allegedly writing the word “FEMEN” on a wall near a graveyard and illegally possessing pepper spray. Under the law people can face up to five years in prison for graffiti.


FEMEN, a global women’s movement, was founded in Ukraine but now based in Paris. FEMEN organizes topless protest to fight for social equality in the world. FEMEN leader, Inna Shevchenko, supports Amina and the three protestors. She stated, ” “We don’t take any notice of this kind of thing. In these countries the law is applied as it suits (those in power). In Tunisia, we see that people run the risk of two years in prison just for simple graffiti.”





Unconstitutional Killings: Drone Strikes.

America, once again, has blood on their hands.


Drone Strikes have been a trendy controversy that people may have been talking about, but the government did not respond to the discussions until today. The government is owning up to the 4 Americans killed in the drone strikes and is scheduled for the President to have a press conference on National Security but what about the other innocent victims that aren’t Americans?

Drones are missiles that are able to point and shoot DIRECTLY at a target and have the ability to aim and kill a specific person, without having a single person in the craft and operate the drone through a computer on a land. Drones purpose is to get ” wanted terrorist” out of countries without causing havoc to the nation, but shoot a missile in order to kill them.

In April, America sent Drones to  Pakistan and Yemen, killing 12 in Pakistan and 7 in Yemen.

Granted, this is news to us, but there’s a reason. DRONE STRIKES ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

America using their resources and power to go into a country and kill “terrorist” is probably one of the most disgusting things this nation has done. Not only is it unlawful in American bylaws, but continuing to target specific people in different nations, IS TERRORISM.

America always finds a way to be a victim when someone attacks them, but does all of this dirty to provoke nations.

Wake up y’all, America is WRONG and STRONG.

Côte d’Ivoire Massacre leads to Arrest

Militia leader, Amade Oueremi, was arrested this past weekend for participating in a massacre in 2011. Oueremi is accused of the massacre in the western town of Duekoue of those who resisted the election of the current president, President Alassane Ouattara.
During the 2011 election, former president, President Laurent Gbagbo, lost the election to current the president. Gbagbo refused to step down which led to four months of violence in the country.  During these four months Gbagbo and more than 100 of his supporters were arrested and close to 3,000 people killed.
More details of Oueremi’s prosecution to come…

~Abrina Hillson