Dear White People: Our Generation of “Black-Art House”

“A satire about being a black face in a white place.”

The producers of Dear White People, (Justin Simien, Lena Waithe, Ann Le and Angel Lopez) reestablish the essence of Black cinema that is found in movies like Do The Right Thing, Boyz N the Hood, and Cooley High.

I’m excited for this upcoming film to hit the box office. It’s definitely gets the point across and brings the thought provoking question of “post-racial” society and Black consciousness. Check it out. Leave a comment and check out Indiewire for more upcoming news.

The Revolutionary Artist


The name is Lauren a.k.a Upendo.

The story of Revolution and Art goes a little something like this: Revolution fell in love with the way Art expressed herself and Art fell in love with Revolution represents itself. Revolution without art is like a tree without root or a lion without tooth. With this blog I will discuss the revolutionary potential of art today; mainly focusing on the movement of Hip Hop culture. This blog encourages free expression and embraces revolutionary inspiration. Take with you what resonates and leave the rest as HERstory.

“Hip Hop can be a very powerful weapon to help expand young people’s political and social consciousness. ” Assata Shakur